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About Yamaha Corporation of America

  • Established in 1960, the Yamaha Corporation of America (YCA) (then Yamaha International Corporation), offers a full line of musical instruments, audio/visual, and computer-related products to the U.S. market. Also, YCA owns a subsidiary named Yamaha Exporting, Inc., which is engaged in exporting many products and materials to overseas markets including Japan.
  • A substantial percentage of product sold in the U.S. is domestically manufactured at Yamaha Musical Products (YMP - band and orchestral instruments) in Michigan, and Yamaha Music Manufacturing (YMM - pianos and professional audio equipment) in Georgia. Both factories are wholly-owned subsidiaries of YCA.
  • Yamaha Electronics Corporation (YEC - audio/visual products and services) in California as well as Yamaha Music Latin America (YMLA - musical instruments for south-central America) in Florida are also YCA's wholly-owned subsidiaries.
  • Within YCA, there are several sales and marketing divisions, i.e., keyboard products, band and orchestral instruments, audio, guitar and synthesizer products, and consumer products. In addition to these product divisions, YCA has a Music Education Division, Customer Satisfaction Group, and other corporate administrative divisions including Finance, Information Systems, Operations, Personnel, and Administration.
  • Yamaha Corporation of America is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yamaha Corporation, Japan, and is the largest of all global subsidiary companies.
  • The Yamaha Motor Corporation, Ltd., begun in 1955, is a major part of the entire Yamaha group, but is a separately managed business entity from the Yamaha Corporation. The Yamaha Motor Corporation is the second largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world. Yamaha Motor Corporation owns its wholly-owned subsidiary in the U.S. called Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA, that is handling not only motorcycles, but also snow mobiles, golf carts, outboard engines, and water vehicles, under the brand name of Yamaha as well.

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