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           36 Photo Albums

20 Pictures

Westchester 6-25-12

Beautiful weather and a very nice turnout, spectator wise it was the largest I have ever seen there.

186 Pictures

Brauer HOUSE 6-7-12

WONDERFUL TURNOUT, weather, People and bikes.

195 Pictures

Brauer Housr 5-17-12

An amazing turnout of great peoploe and Bikes.

129 Pictures

Brauer House 5-10-12

This was the second of scheduled every Thursday night cruise nites and the turnout was Great. As always when I upload the server drops the pixel count to speed uploading hence reducing resolution. I wil be happy to print you a full resolution 8 & 1/2 by 11 or two 5 by 7s on premium photo paper for $14.00

27 Pictures

Intresting photos

These were emailed to me

10 Pictures

East Peoria show and swap

243 Pictures

Brauer House 10-6-11

Great turnout due to good weather

26 Pictures

Heritage Harley lisle 9-13-11

Read about it in gearhead decided to leave cozzi and go over there. It said it was for cars and bikes, but I didn;t see any cars.

271 Pictures

Brauer House 8-11-11

Just a Great event with plenty of great people and bikes.

19 Pictures


due to the storm last night and forcast earlier in the day of more tonight attendance was light.

19 Pictures

Elmhurst cruise night 6-8-11

Great turnout with plenty of bikes and cars.

264 Pictures

World of Wheels 3-5-11

I wemt to the World of Wheels on Saturday march 5th.

14 Pictures

Tilted Kilt Chicago Ridge

Went to the new chicago Ridge Tilted Kilt yesterday to see about doing some bike shows there this summer and took time to get some pictures of their girls

20 Pictures

We were down at the new Tilted Kilt in Chicago Ridge Disscussing the possibility of doing bike shows there this summer and I took the opportunity to get some pictures of their girls enjoy

387 Pictures

Third Tiltedd Kilt Bike Show 9-19-09

A good turnout and great people and weather. As always I will print a high resolution 8 and 1/2 by 11 for only $10.00.

93 Pictures

9-7-09 thru 9-13-09

I went to several shows this week but many were primarily car shows with a few bikes. As always I will make a high resolution print of any pictures in my albums on premium photo paper for only $10.00 either 1, 8 &1/2 by 11 or 2, 5 by 7s or 3, 4 by 6s. the shows were Goodys,Promenade, Buona Beef, Home Run Inn, Rolling Meadows, Tilted Kilt, and Hooters.

30 Pictures

Downers Grove 9-4-09

Good turnout for Downers Groves last cruise night of the season. the weather was great and so were the ladies.

45 Pictures

Westchester 8-31-09

A good turnout tonight, I shot some bikes initaly then started shooting the many cars, it took so long that by the time I went back to get the late arriving bikes I had to use my flash. Having troble getting photos to upload.

33 Pictures

Westchester 8-24-09 & Fuddruckers 8-25-09

Westchester had a good showing tonight. It was a record turnout at fuddruckers and a few bikes showed up.

Dee , Susann, Olympia & Caroline

715 Pictures

Tilted Kilt 8-15-09

Had a great show yesterday over two hundred bikes showed up. the weather was great if a little hot. I now have uploaded all the photos, remember I will print a high resolution 81/2 x 11 photo for $10.00 thanks for looking Norm

           36 Bike Photo Albums

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