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Date:12/20/2008 Time: 12:35:08 AM      

On April 5th 1995 I had a motorcycle accident which broke my clavicle(collar bone) and really tore me up.  The thing about a motorcycle accident which most people don't really understand is that when you crash at high speeds or highway speeds and you black out and flip and flop down the roadway, that you tear tons of muscle tissue. 

I was riding my 1988 GSXR 1100 which was the older tall skinny style which fit me great.  Around the time of the accident, or leading up to it, I was starting to ride really gutsy or really just plain stupid!  In fact a week before the accident, I went out for a ride in the country, (i was in college at the time in central illinois) and drove the the next town to the south.  This road was beautiful for most of the trip.  Brand new fresh blacktop pavement.   Well, to make a long story short, I passed a cop/sherif while doing about 90 mph and dropped the hammer when I saw the lights come on and him spin around behind us.  From there, I was hitting between 130 and 165 on straightaways till I got back into town.  We never saw him again.  My buddy on the same kind of bike couldn't even keep up with me.  And he even got away also!   What fun. 

It was still very stupid. 

Well, since the accident, I've only ridden a couple of bikes that belonged to friends and such.

With gas prices now, a scooter or motorcycle is looking more attractive.  But how do I trade in the family truckster?

Date:06/26/2009 Time: 03:48:57 PM      

The other day I was out talking with some people at a custom car cruise night show and a guy I was talking with was one of the partriot riders.  These guys escort kia soldiers home to their graves.  They were doing a ride that Saturday and told me I should go.  I told them I didn't have a bike currently but if anyone had one that they'd loan me I'd love to do the ride.  However, I haven't ridden very far in more than a few years.  So I found myself wondering if I really should be doing something like that especially on someone elses bike. 

What do you think?

Date:02/28/2010 Time: 08:27:31 PM      

Well, the question has been answered!  A good friend, the one I bought my last bike from just about literally gave me another bike.  I now have a project bike to work on.  I'm not sure if I'll have it ready for summer or not but it's a 1993 GSXR 750.  It's perfect for me!  It's a stock purple and silver and black bike.  Needs some assembly, lights, body mouldings and such but for the most part, it's a complete bike! 

Thanks dude! 

Date:02/28/2010 Time: 08:28:54 PM      

I should have posted a link to the photo album a few minutes ago..   Here is the link


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