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Date Created: 02/27/2008 Hits:


Hey, I used to be a biker, but I had an accident back in 1995 on the Suzuki GSXR pictured below.  It was a fast bike which I loved very much.  I had logged nearly 50k miles on it, but one day I went out for a ride with a couple of buddies, one of which kept his bike in my garage down at school (EIU).    What I didn't know was that he had just spent the night before in the town lock up for smoking dope in the city bowling alley and getting busted.  The next morning he went to another friends house, got stoned again, and then came over to my house to go for a ride.  20 minutes into the ride we were in the middle of nowhere with farm fields everywhere.  My roommate on a similar bike as mine and he kept stopping and racing each other.  The last time they did that my roomate when blasting by and the other guy came around me and immediately slammed on the brakes, swerved across the lane into my path and took my front wheel right out from under me.  The bike high-sided flipping me off.  My friend who was a bit down the road said he could see me flip flopping down the road head over heel a few times.   I then woke up in the hospital.  I heard that the guy who hit me fled the scene and showed up at the hospital 10 hours later saying that he heard I was in an accident and wanted to see how I was.   I never saw him again...

Here are my old motorcycle pics from the 80's and 90's.  I scanned a pic of my old gsxr 1100 and then also my old 1986 Fazer.  Many people called it a mini vmax.

The bike I had before the 88 gsxr was a 1986 Yamaha Fazer (2nd from the left).  The guy next to me to the left, on the VMax and I switched bikes for a little ride close to home one day.  He was showing off with mine swerving in and out of construction horses and clipped one of them.   He was only doing about 20 or 25 when that happened so he was able to kind of jump off and roll and not get too hurt.  He then took off to get his truck leaving me there to cry over my wrecked motorcycle.  It was almost kind of funny how many people kept stopping to say lie down and don't move or I might injure myself more.  But all I kept say was "it's my bike... my bike, my bike...".  I obviously wasn't hurt at all.  It was my bike that was all messed up.  So I got the insurance money from it and bought the GSXR shown above.

Here are my old motorcycle pics from the 80's and 90's.  I scanned a pic of my old gsxr 1100 and then also my old 1986 Fazer.  Many people called it a mini vmax.


Ever since I've been a boater.  Check me out at http://www.hotboatdeals.com/dotcomd/  Check out my blog on this page, The blog with the story about it is the "will I ever ride again" topic.

Hope to see you there!

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